Quicker, Easier Invoicing

Take the dread out of monthly invoicing

Do you spend hours each month sifting through the paperwork and totting up the figures on a calculator or spreadsheet before invoicing?

With Trade Chimp – you won’t have to.

Trade Chimp is designed to cut the time you spend gathering all the data together for your invoicing. With a few clicks, you can generate a quick, easy report, detailing all the information needed to raise an invoice – including:

  • Time records
  • Material lists
  • Supplier invoices

The system will even provide you with guidance on how much you should bill for each job – based on the charge out rates for each of your technicians.

Trade Chimp isn’t a complex accountancy package, and it won’t generate your invoices for you – but it will save you hours of time, stress and hassle every week on a thankless task.


Amazing product. When I think back to how unorganised I was before Trade Chimp, it makes me cringe. The business intelligence reports are incredible, it was a real lightbulb moment when I received my first one.

Brett Wiley

Connect Electrical


So just as I’m trying to figure out how on earth to get a better handle on our jobs and costings, along comes Trade Chimp! Too good to be true? Not at all!

Trade Chimp is super enthusiastic about its product and you know that they’re speaking from experience, which makes Trade Chimp so easy to use.

It’s very well thought out & takes no time at all to enter data. It’s great to have one place that we can track labour & materials costs, and show us where we are with all of our jobs in a simple to use dashboard – it’s very user friendly.


J. R. Forbes Electrical